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The best thing Zip Marketing can do for your brand is put your brand on the internet. If your brand is not already on over 500 social and music websites, Zip Marketing signs up to the free websites free taking the time to do everything correctly, upload the correct songs, upload the correct photos, type the words in correct spelling, basically update the entire page correctly the first time and locking in the correct URL. So many times you see things placed on the internet with incorrect spelling, the wrong photos and the wrong music. Zip Marketing places all the correct links on each page and makes everything on the internet of that brand to work correctly on over 500 social and mp3 sites.

The Second step after setting the sites up is simple, Advertisement/Promotion of your brand on the internet in general . 1. Flyers with the address to the internet on it (twitter, facebook, linkedin, youtube) 2. Email blast to your clients your most important pages or all the links so your clientele can see the product you have in the best way possible.

Zip Marketing is a digital marketing company that can do the best job getting your brand seen and heard on the internet. With placement on social web pages, groups and forum posting as well as helping brands improve they're images overall via consultation. Improved search analysis as well as all pages set up with the correct information, photos, video and website links.

The Price of Digital Marketing is $10 Per Site which includes your information being posted (bio), All the Photos of your Brand or Business and your MP3s (Music) or MP4s (Videos) this service does not guarantee higher numbers on your pages what it does exactly is gets your brand in position to collect numbers of page hits and connections, followers, friends and fans. Also this system is designed to help brands stay updated digitally.

20 pages is $200

50 pages is $500

100 pages is $1000

The #1 Way to pay is Green Dot. You can get 2 pages set up right now for $20 and we can get your brand to the next level digitally. Email the Money Pack # to

I do not have sales or discounts as the price is already affordable and low.

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