Thursday, October 27, 2011


Who Is Jakkpot? Ask Around Now and You'd be hard Pressed To find another artist With More Potential..Virtually Unknown A few MoNTHS aGO ,He's fast Becoming A force and a fan favorite In the Boston Hip hop Scene..Cosigned By Wally SParks, One of Boston's Most Respected Artist/D.J/T.V Personalities,The new comer is setting the stage for the release of his anticipated Mixtape "Place Your Bet" Which is BEING hOSTED bY the Mixtaper(Wally Sparks)..With the Lead Track"Keep On Push N" PiCKing Up Steam & Praises Along The way, The rookie is Stayen Humble.. Rapping since the Age of 5 when His mother wrote Him his 1st rhyme,This moment has been along time coming!!Comparisons to a few legends along the way has set the bar HIGH!!Is that A TAsk he's UP to??Absolutely..No question!!..Making Good Music,Tear N Up show's is what he's Hoping will get Ppl Tuned In.With shows Being lined up with Leedz Edutainment as well as some of Boston's Other Top promoters,Things seems to be Line N Up for Boston's New kid on The Block..Unsigned but Undeterred He refuses To let That keep Him out the LooP!!

Jakkpot,real name Andre Barros was Born to a single mother In Roxbury Ma..Raised By his Mom until he was 8 ,He then went to Live with his dad until he 12..From there Most of his teens & early 20's was spent between juvenile Lockup,County Jail & State Prison..Time lost was definitely not time destroyed..EVERYDAY he wrote Harder..EVERDAY he got Better.. Press Play From then, Fast Forward Til Now ..IT's ALL about Music..Having already Accomplised His 1st & Most Important Goal Of Staying FRee,He Feels Ready To Give the Listeners Something to Appreciate.. 
Bringing A StyLe & Sound That's Never Been Heard Or Seen In The GAME Before,Expect To Hear Him SOON!!Until Then Stay Tuned!!

Yeeah by Jakkpot

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