Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wyredmind Entertainment LLC

One day a decision was made, "to become a company thats well maintained and connected".Wyredmind Entertainment, an independent company was formed to produce Artist Development, Artist Management, and Production.The company wants to become an open avenue for musicians to become successful in their musical journey. Wyredmind Entertainment wants to produce a wide range of genres.From Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, and Reggae the artists will be guided step by step on their projects. This company plans to be the birthplace for a recording artist that simply just love music and want to be treated with dignity and respect. Wyredmind Entertainment is working carefully on their first recording artist, Des Shawn'a (Hip Hop/R&B) sensation. Right now, the success of her debut single "BABY I DO", is giving this company good reviews. So, as Wyredmind Entertainment continue to strive for the best each day they continue to be humble and grateful. This is a company that is welcoming all artists that wants to begin a loyal business relationship. The door at Wyredmind Entertainment is OPEN.

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