Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Extream Bling

SEX SELLS! and Extream Bling's new hit, "Tipper" ft. Stuey Rock is now a strip, street, and night club anthem breaking through by storm! The rapper, Extream was born in Aniston, Alabama, later relocating to the drug infested streets of Southside Atlanta in Clayton County.

In 2004, his musical ambitions materialized pressing up the first 10,000 copies of Southern Medication, and garnered a local buzz with the song “Gangsta.Gangsta”. In 2005, Extream joined forces with DJ Burn One and released the “Gutta 2 Ghetto, Zone 2 Zone” mixtape, that established the Boss Squad Movement and gained regional and overseas (Japan) radio play with songs, “Don’t Try Me”, “Tipsy”, and “Beat It Up”.

The boost in exposure has now led to an increase of opportunities; he is currently the winner of Atlanta’s hottest Radio Station 107.9 Hip-hop Battlegrounds, has begun opening for major acts, i.e. Big Kuntry Kane (Grand Hustle), Boyz N Da Hood (Block Ent), Pastor Troy (Cash Money Records), and Gucci Mane (Atlantic Records), and currently has over 500 bds spins for his single “Bling” and current single “Tipper” not far behind it. The future looks bright for Extream as program directors across the country scramble to be the first to break an extremely talented new artist.

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