Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Billions Da P

Billions Da P... (born Naim A Madison ) is an American rapper born and raised in North Philadelphia PA His style of rap is a Philly Street Hustler Mixed with a down south Pimp Flow... He really paints a picture with his words,very witty and knows how to take the listener into his world.. You can tell he's no rookie when you hear his music. Billions said he has always been rapping and was always nice but the road to success in the music game is longer for some then others, so he choose other ways to obtain the money needed to sustain the life style and invest in his craft. Threw his grind he worked with artist all over Philadelphia and beyond.. He says I was hot when it wasn't even cool to rap in Philly it was a hand full of rappers in every hood back than, we all know each other... I had songs with G.D.K. ,
Wal- Lo and Ab- Lava before CD's was out..
We were giving our tapes away at club let outs all around the city back than.. He also is the first cousin and big brother figure to Roscoe P. Coldchain a Philadelphia artist that was singed to Pharrell's Star Trek Label and Nephew to Simply Leland a musical genius with a guitar big on the underground Philly music scene..
He just finished a mix tape called Road Music "Pimp edition" on Datpiff... U can follow him @ Billions Da Pimp on twitter and add his fan page on FB Billions Da P

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