Saturday, December 3, 2011

Step 1.... Presentation

The first thing a person sees from outside the box when looking in on your products social pages online is the picture. One of the things that will help out your picture is either

a. going to a professional photo studio which holds a price of $100, OR

b. buying a professional camera with a price tag of at least $1,000 dollars or more including the lens which should be the proper lens for the photos you are going to take of your product.

Secondly the picture you will take needs to go through another whole process of being cropped and put through a person that does graphics and have that picture looking correct with your brand name, logo, social site logos, name of album or name of product etc.

This 2 step process is all that it will take to get the attention of people on the worldwideweb and give your whole product a much better look and it helps the person decide if they even want the product or not. Remember everything in the store has a Wrapper or Package that is decorated to attract people to buy the product.

Below is a perfect example of what your artists icon or avatar should look like when done correctly.


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