Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Zip Marketing presents Skroodle (St. Petersburg, Florida) Hood Certified Ent.


Every once in a while there comes a rapper who naturally outshines the rest. There’s no denying his star power. He’s so ruthless with his rhymes that even the toughest naysayers got to give him respect. On the fast track to superstardom, 26-year-old St. Petersburg, Fla. native Skroodle is such an artist. Within only two short years on the scene, Skroodle went from a jail cell to recording booth to onstage tearing up clubs across the Gunshine State. Fueled by his debut single “Get Yo Shit Right,” Skroodle’s 2009 Bigga Rankin-hosted mixtape Certified Hood Vol. 1 and his career took off like a rocket. Now with his latest single “I Wish A Bitch Would” steadily gaining momentum, Skroodle is definitely in line to set his mark with the early 2011 release of his follow-up mixtape Too Much Going On in the City. “I feel real good about the love I get around Florida,” Skroodle admits. “I wasn’t even really trying to be the best rapper. But people love my music from the first time they hear it. I didn’t think I’d get this type of response.”

Two years ago, Skroodle had just touched down on free ground after serving two calendars on drug charges. Although he had always rapped for fun since he was a kid, he never pursued it as a career. That was until he was behind the wall and had to find a better hustle than the streets. So as soon as he got home, his first priority was to hit the studio. And that’s exactly what he did.

He booked a studio, recorded a mixtape and released Certified Hood Vol. 1 within a few months. After his first batch of CDs, demand had grown so much that he was approached by many industry professionals offering him management deals. And before he knew it, the mixtape had caught on like wildfire and much-respected record breaker Bigga Rankin was calling to host. “People have gravitated to me because I keep it real with the streets. I give them what they want to hear, what they need to hear,” he says.

In late 2010, he signed management contracts with Coach of 1230 Management and Bigga Rankin, vice-president of Young Jeezy’s label Corporate Thugs Entertainment. Currently, a bidding war of sorts has been waged for Skroodle to sign with one of several labels. And with his latest single “I Wish A Bitch Would” and forthcoming mixtape Too Much Going On in the City on the forefront, it won’t be long before Skroodle's at the top of the pile.

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