Saturday, September 15, 2012


Born July 19, 1987, this South Florida rapper has been rocking the microphone since 5 years-old. Growing up on the south side of St. Petersburg, Florida Remy-T was ahead of the game from a very young age. He is no stranger to struggle but it has only made him strive to achieve more. That and his family, they inspire him the most because no matter the good or the bad, they believe in him either way. But it’s more than just his family, he’s got some musical inspiration as well: Michael Jackson and Tupac are just a few of his favorite artists.

Remy-T wants to inspire people with his music. He says that his goal is to show the next generation that it doesn’t matter where you come from but knowing you can still make your dreams happen. Remy started at a young age doing parties and talent shows. In 2001 Remy joined his first rap group called Money Gang and recorded 1 unreleased mix-tape titled Cash Rules Everything. In 2007 Remy was picked up by Certified Hood Ent. and put out 2 mix-tapes (Time Flies, No Sleep No Pressure.) Currently he is still a part of Certified Hood Entertainment and with LifeLine Entertainment bringing big new things to the company. To contact Remy-T for booking and collabs here is the email


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