Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tilk Luciano

Straight out of the grimy streets of South St. Petersburg, Florida,where real reckonize real, the Luciano Family is once again on the rise. As any great artist will tell you, trials and tribulation and sacrifice create great art. Most rap groups talk the talk but how many actually lived it. Google the name "Luciano Family" and the trials and tribulations will become crystal clear. Most rappers tell fairy tales, the Luciano Family has a story that must be told. Possessing an ability to translate real street drama and personal swag with bangin production and clever hooks, The Luciano Family isn't patiently waiting – they're kickin in the door to the music business.Residing in the 13th Biggest Market in the U.S., the Tampa Bay Area and representing St. Petersburg aka "St. Pistol burg" aka "the burg" The Luciano family gives insight in the daily lives of young entrepreneurs running the unforgiving streets of St. Pete and Tampa. With a consistent catalog of mix cds and independent releases: ("For Da Paper") (2003), "Something 4 Da Streetz (2004), and "They Call Us Luci" (2005) under there own independent label Luciano Records in association with Dirt Dogg Entertainment, The Luciano Family has established a foothold in the hip hop community in and around the greater Tampa Bay area along with Central Florida and Miami plus the ATL. With over 60,000+ cds in circulation!

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