Sunday, March 17, 2013


Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, this young man Kenneth Duncan Jr known as 1KashKash is on a mission to be a part of the southern rap movement.He also models act dance and produce music with his cousin Harold Duncan aka Strap of the group Travis Porter

At the age of 9 years old, he developed a love for the art of music that was influenced by many of the male figures that were in his life. He had stage presence and knew how to keep an audience entertained. It wasn’t until his middle school years at Tucker Middle School that he and his group decided to enter their first talent show. He was the lead “bad boy” of the group called C.S.O.D (Crunk Squad on Deck). From that talent show, he gained confidence as the performance was well received from their peers. His passion for music grew even more and he worked hard to perfect his craft.

As he entered high school, he realized that the upper class students were familiar with his music. To know his music was being recognized from school to school, he learned quickly the importance of advertising through word of mouth. His goal was to be a well-rounded artist, so he started playing the piano and drums with his best friend, Spencer Drummer. From that experience, he was making his own beats. 1KashKash entered the studio for the first time at the age of 14 and learned so much – it was truly a great experience. His first song made people want to hear more and he worked even harder. He came up with his own hustle, in addition to selling candy out of his locker, he would also sell his CD’s to get his music heard even more. 
At the age of 18 years old, 1KashKash is currently with Porter House Music Group.Along with his fellow cousin Harold Duncan Jr aka Strap He loves to rap, sing, dance, and model. He listens to all different genres of music as it helps with creativity within such a broad art form. He is all about having fun with an outgoing personality. He considers himself as an entertainer and hopes that his music will continue to evolve and inspire the youth to stick with their passion and live their dream.

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